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This cleanse is the most detoxifying cleanse we have. We included all of our HEAVY HITTERS. Our De La Vigne juice is a very astringent juice which will pull cell waste out from in between the cells. The De La Vigne will also help to clear out the gut and help to cleanse the liver. The Pachamama is great for detoxing the blood, the skin, liver, and kidneys. Pachamama is very good for getting the skin to show its true glow, and is also a libido increaser because of its beets. Our Healthy One is a great brain detox, and will help remove unwanted fatigue, brain fog, and will also help with weight loss. Helena is a great juice for helping to repair the gut, blood sugar problems, and just like the Pachamama is great for the skin. The Master Cleanse + is a great weight loss drink and is very good for eliminating toxins, and helping to clean out the colon. Cleaning out the colon is essential for total body function because when your colon is clean your body doesn't reabsorb the toxins that your colon has been trying to eliminate. This in turn cleans your blood which will help all of your organs including your brain function more optimally. This cleanse is also could help shed a few unwanted pounds and help you feel light as a feather. The Ginger shot is a concentrated ginger apple concoction that is very good for stimulating the digestive system and will help to clear out any bloating and can quicken the digestive system. Oregabomb is an elixir great for its antibacterial properties. Oregano oil works similarly to an antibiotic, and has even replaced regular antibiotics at certain chicken farms around the globe. Unwanted bad bacteria build up can end with cold or flu like symptoms with the body purging and ridding of the bad bacteria. This is usually when people believe they are sick, but the body is actually purging all of its wastes at the same time. Oregano Oil is perfect for combating this bacteria and will help your immune system fight unwanted parasites.  Infiniteus has nick-named this cleanse the Wedding Bundle Best Friend. This cleanse is the perfect array of juices for the bride or groom on their special day. Weight loss, mental clarity, stress relief, glowing skin, digestive support (obviously we want you to have a little bit of that cake!) and killing off unwanted bacteria to make sure you don’t come down with the sniffles on your special day are all the things this cleanse is about!